Aruba Remote Access Point Setup

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Configuring the Secure Remote Access Point Service

The tasks for configuring an Aruba Access Points as a Secure Remote Access Point Service are:

  • Configure a public IP cope with for the controller.
    You must installation one or extra AP licenses in the controller. There are several AP licenses available that guide special most numbers of APs. The licenses are cumulative; each extra license established will increase the maximum variety of APs supported with the aid of the controller.
  • Configure the VPN server at the controller. The faraway AP will be a VPN consumer to the server.
  • Provision the AP with IPSec settings, such as the username and password for the AP, prior to installing it at the faraway location. You also can provision the RAP the use of the zero contact provisioning method. For greater statistics, see Provisioning 4G USB Modems on Remote Access Points.

Configure a Public IP Address for the Controller

The far flung AP calls for an IP address to which it may connect to establish a VPN tunnel to the controller. This may be both a routable IP cope with you configure at the controller, or the address of an external router or firewall that forwards site visitors to the controller. The following process describes the way to create a DMZ address on the controller.


In the WebUI

1. Navigate to the Configuration > Network > VLANs web page.
2. Click Add to add a VLAN.
3. Enter the VLAN ID.
4. Select the port that belongs to this VLAN.
5. Click Apply.
6. Navigate to the Configuration > Network > IP web page.
7. Click Edit for the VLAN you simply created.
8. Enter the IP Address and Net Mask fields.
9. Click Apply.


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