5 Best Cctv Apps For Android

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5 Best Cctv Apps For Android – CCTV has a very meaningful use for the owner. The function and purpose so that the owner feels safe and can monitor the situation immediately around him while he is traveling.

Technological developments are so fast, we can not only monitor the surveillance camera through computers. But now even Android smartphones can be utilized as a monitoring tool, provided that they must be connected to an Internet network whether using a cellular data plan or using a wifi connection


To be able to do this, you need help from a program or application as a monitoring tool on your Android Smartphone.

To help you do this, you can use the 5 best CCTV applications on android and the most sophisticated we have collected. Curious? Check out the following review.

Berikut ini 5 Best Cctv Apps For Android

  1. Hik-Conect

Hik-Conect is a sophisticated program specifically designed to monitor all activities on a DVR or NVR camera remotely. Not only serves as a monitor, he is equipped with many features, such as playback, recording, auto-focus, and much more.
Not only that, users can also adjust the image resolution level from 480 × 800 to 1920 × 1080. This of course can be adjusted with the connection that you have. Unfortunately, this application made by HIKVISION can only be used by android devices with OS 4.0 or higher.

  1. Eagle Eyes

AVTECH EagleEyes (Lite) is a free application for viewing AVTECH CCTV brands online. EagleEyes (Lite) is very easy and convenient to use, a powerful feature with a user-friendly interface design.

  1. DroidCam Wireless Webcam 

Through DroidCam, you can make your android device as a CCTV with the webcam IP function. Where later you can monitor all activities recorded by the device through a browser.

Interestingly, this sophisticated application that has more than 5 million users supports high resolution (HD), which is up to 720p. Thus, the sharpness of the images presented will be very clear

  1. XMeye

XMEye is another IPC H.264 monitoring equipment IPC monitoring software package, device serial number through cloud to log on, mobile devices on Android screen display real-time monitoring and preview equipment operations.

XMEye is a video monitoring software for IPC and DVR. With cloud technology, it is easy to log in with the device serial number to display live view video monitoring to an Android phone and perform operations accordingly. For the application can be found here


SPC Pro Cloud is a versatile video management software for DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, etc. It provides several functions, including real-time live view, video recording, remote search and playback, backup files, etc., for connected devices to meet task needs monitoring. For the application can be found here

Well, that’s the best line of CCTV applications for Android with a myriad of advanced features to directly monitor the security cameras installed in your home. Hopefully the above application can make you safer from various unwanted things.


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